[Mediawiki-l] How to move MYSQL from windows to godaddy.com

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Hi all,
Been trying to move a MW database that we have stored in our LAN over to
godaddy.com hosting services (I am not promoting, it just that this is the
service I ue, and if anyone has prior experiance with it, id love to hear
Anyway, my original tables and the ones on the auto install are different.
And I can not figure out how to direct the web to access my old names.
I have copied my tables to the new names strucutre. This seems to be a bad
idea, as there is also a version difference between the 2. I am not a php
guro, but where in the script does it start to mention to which table to
connect? I have looked all over in icnludes, setup, maintenance , can't find
Would love to hear your advise.
Saar Machtinger - CIO
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If you upgrade the original wiki to the latest version (or the same version as your godaddy.com wiki), the tables should be identical (or very nearly so) and you will have far fewer hassles migrating.
Alternatively, depending on how much system access godaddy.com let you have, it may be easier just to import your database dump into a clean database, and move your wiki folder directly into your new system (updating database information etc as required). Upgrading is still a pretty good idea, though...

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