[Mediawiki-l] problem creating accounts

Kimberly Begley kimberly.lewis at gmail.com
Thu Jun 26 05:03:53 UTC 2008

I have just installed Mediawiki 1.12.0 on a Centos 5 machine,it says the
install was successful but when I try to add a user I get the database error
"A database syntax error has occurred... from within function
"RequestAccountPage::doSubmit". MySQL returned error: "1146: Table
wiki.mw1account_requests' doesn't exist (localhost)
I went through the database diagram in the documentation and could not find
this table listed as well as in the tables created in mysql by media wiki -
all other tables did appear though. I am assuming this is some kind of
temporary table that gets created - just wondering if someone could point me
to where I may be ableto troubleshoot this further.

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