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when you want to use MW with the mod_auth_sspi Module, there are some Problems with Posting Data in Wiki.
There is also a Bugreport on Sourceforge about this.
I first also used this Apache Module, but after several Problems uploading or editing Pages I turned around to http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Ldap

And this LDAP Extension in use by 2 Wikis from me....
I never had any Problem.

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Another quick question concerning authentication in Mediawiki. It would
apear as though we are seeking a system where the user doesn't need a
password and doesn't have to register. I do have all of the users on an LDAP
server which is at my disposal. I guess two questions stem from this :

1. Is there a way for mediawiki to just ask the user a username and not a
password without using LDAP? I know that sounds wierd.... but it's kinda the
end goal.
2. If I use LDAP is there a way to just tell it always to accept the PW
without botherin to check if it's right?
3. My only other idea is to enable httpauth and figure out how to leave the
auth open..

The wiki is on a private network FYI so security isn't really an issue.

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