[Mediawiki-l] Parser problems in 1.12 with ordered lists

Uwe Baumbach U.Baumbach at web.de
Thu Jun 19 14:27:42 UTC 2008


> Uwe Baumbach wrote:
> > So we have decided to test it in a fresh installed and empty MW 1.12.0
> > - - with the same result!!
> > 
> > In de.wikipedia.org (1.13.alpha) it works fine.
> > 
> > So my question: What?s wrong?
> -You can try the svn version.

We did so.

> -WMF wikis have Tidy enabled. 
Our wiki has it too.

> It could be it generates invalid output 
> and tidy is fixing it. Although i've heard that having tidy enabled or 
> disabled don't make a difference any more. Can anyone confirm this?

What surprised is, that a almost empty new installation shows this bug...

Any suggestions by others?

Ich freue mich auf Deine/Ihre Antwort!

Uwe (Baumbach)
U.Baumbach at web.de

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