[Mediawiki-l] Problème d'installation (FR) - Installation Problem (EN)

Christensen, Courtney ChristensenC at BATTELLE.ORG
Mon Jun 16 16:41:42 UTC 2008

There seems to be something wrong with your re-write rules.  When I click your set up the wiki link I get this url:
http://www.wikisciences.jean-emile.com/wiki.phtmlconfig/index.php  I would suggest trying to replace .phtml with a slash "/", but that doesn't seem to work either.

Good luck.
PS.  It's lowercase wiki not Wiki in your URL.

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This post is in English and in French.
Hi all,
I have install MediaWiki on my server.
When I go to the page www.wikisciences.jean-emile.com/Wiki (Who is the page of my wiki), and when I click on 
"please setup the wiki first".... The link is dead ! There 
is nothing, just an error 404 page...
Why ?
J'ai installé MédiaWiki sur mon serveur web. Mais
quand je vais sur la page www.wikisciences.jean-emile.com/Wiki pour terminer l'installation, et quand je 
clique sur "Please setup the wiki first", une page d'erreur 404 apparait car le lien ne pointe vers aucun fichier sur 
mon serveur.
Pourquoi ?
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