[Mediawiki-l] making extra buttons in edit page tool

Rein rein at livingtale.nl
Sun Jun 15 13:09:49 UTC 2008

Thank you all for your remarks and ideas.
I think (no: I know!) it is much simpler after all.
No need for extra js script, simply use: /includes/EditPage.php and make some modifications in  $toolarray = array(:
For instance take: 
   array( 'image' => 'button_nowiki.png',
    'id' => 'mw-editbutton-nowiki',
    'open' => "<nowiki>",
    'close' => "</nowiki>",
    'sample'=> wfMsg('nowiki_sample'),
    'tip' => wfMsg('nowiki_tip'),
    'key' => 'N'
Copy and change it par example in a button for an intern anchorlink:
   array( 'image' => 'intern.gif',
    'id' => 'mw-editbutton-exlink',
    'open' => "[[#",
    'close' => "|to headline]]",
    'sample'=> 'This Head',
    'tip' => 'a link to \'This Head\' on the same page - remind the caption ',
    'key' => ''

And you have a superior button!

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