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Darren VanBuren onekopaka at gmail.com
Sat Jun 14 16:53:16 UTC 2008

I am assuming something is wrong with the Apache config. Check in  
wosportable/apache2/conf/httpd.conf (just look for httpd.conf  
somewhere) for a line like

LoadModule php5_module ../php5/php.dll

If there is no line that loads a .dll for PHP, then most definitely  
PHP isn't loaded.

Also, is the 'wosportable' directory in the root of the flashdrive?

The restriction on file sizes is in php.ini which should be in / 

You need to change post_max_size and upload_max_filesize.

Note: post_max_size MUST be GREATER THAN upload_max_filesize.

On Jun 14, 2008, at 9:26 AM, Sandy Rozhon wrote:

> Has anyone successfully managed to use "Wiki on a Stick" with their
> USB portable device?
> I installed the required programs (Apache 2, PHP5, Imagemagick,
> MySQL, Mediawiki, and PHPmyAdmin) but seem to be having a couple of
> issues that I cannot figure out.
> My folder structure is as follows:
> /wosportable
> /wosportable/apache2
> /wosportable/php5
> /wosportable/ImageMagick
> /wosportable/mysql
> /wosportable/php5
> /wosportable/wos
> /wosportable/www
> /wosportable/www/mediawiki
> /wosportable/www/phpmyadmin
> /wosportable/www/start
> 1. I insert the USB 2 GB stick into the port.
> 2. I run WOS to get things going but it opens a browser window
> "http://localhost/start/?lang=en"  that says "The page cannot be
> displayed".
> 3. If I enter in the browser, then I see the WOW Welcome
> screen which reports the following:
> Apache 2.2.8 is running
> PHP 5.2.5 works
> MySql 5.0.45-community-nt is running
> ImageMagick 4.2.9 is available and works
> Document Root is: I:/wosportable/www
> Installed packages
> Apache2 (Version 2.2.8)
> ImageMagick (Version 4.2.9)
> MySQL5 (Version 5.0.45)
> PHP5 (Version 5.2.5)
> MediaWiki (Version 1.11.0)
> PHPMyAdmin (Version 2.11.4)
> 4. Now if I try to click on the MediaWiki link, instead of opening
> Mediawiki, it asks me if I want to SAVE the page.  So it appears that
> WOW is perhaps not using PHP to open the index.php.  Is PHP even
> running?  If not, how do I start it up?
> Assuming I can ever get past this stumbling block, another issue is
> how to get PHPMyAdmin to let me import my SQL files without coughing
> up a hairball.  Apparently there is some restriction on the size
> these files can be.  How do I get around that?  Can I just copy the
> files to the USB stick and avoid PHPMyAdmin altogether?
> Help!
> Sandy
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