[Mediawiki-l] Mediawiki on CentOS 5, PHP 5.1.6, MySQL 14.12, not working.

Radio Tron paleywiener at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 11 08:53:10 UTC 2008

Hello, I installed MediaWiki using yum. The web based
config gave me no errors and the db was populated just
fine. The problem is that when i browse
http://mail.deathstar.net/wiki/ , my page is broken
with no images and no cool layout. I just get a white
background thing with some formatted text.

I did a view src and:
<a style="background-image:
href="wiki/index.php/Main_Page" title="Visit the Main
Note that wiki/skins.. does not lie under my Apache
DocumentRoot. Why is the PHP generating a link like

I have a default apache install with:
LoadModule php5_module modules/libphp5.so
Apache: DocumentRoot "/var/www/"

My /var/www/wiki/LocalSettings.php contains:
if( defined( 'MW_INSTALL_PATH' ) ) {
        $IP = MW_INSTALL_PATH;

} else {
        $IP = '/usr/share/mediawiki';

$wgScriptPath       = "wiki"; (because this should be
relative to my Apache DocumentRoot [URL base path])

Could someone help me figure out what needs to be done
to gett his to work?? Should i create an Apache Alias
for wiki/skins ??


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