[Mediawiki-l] Issue with MediaWiki after CSS Change

Ben Parr Ben at benparr.com
Wed Jun 11 01:48:17 UTC 2008

So I made an accidental change to the modern skin's main.css (it was the
default for my wiki at http://benparr/com/wiki), where I added several lines
of adjusted logo code from the monobook theme.  When I put it up, it
obviously broke the mediawiki code.  I erased the bad code, but my mediawiki
is still horridly broken and nothing I've tried has fixed it.


- I only have some PHP/CSS knowledge, I'm not a programmer
- I used a Dreamhost install to install the wiki onto my servers.

Please, I just want the wiki working again...any thoughts or anything I can
send to you or do to better find hte root of the problem?

- Ben

- Ben Parr (ben at benparr.com)
Northwestern University, Class of 2008
Science in Human Culture, Political Science, & Business Institutions

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