[Mediawiki-l] making extra buttons in edit page tool

Rein rein at livingtale.nl
Fri Jun 6 08:52:43 UTC 2008

I think the problem is rather that the script is not okay.
First it is obvious that at mediawiki the script has no results (no extra buttons shown). That's strange because you would think there  should be a working script!

This is the script I used. I altered like I wrote the destination of the buttons itself and placed them on my site (of course some I made myself).
This line should also puzzles me: 
 {'imageFile': 'http://upload.wikimedia.org/' + img,
Shouldn't it be to my own site (I tried but am not sure what the url should be)
And I think it is connected with the urls of the buttons?

If you read it (I'm to too technical, and can read only the basic) this is strange:
This file is uploaded:
1. there is no such script
2. "Scripts/" looks strange to me
3. there is a 'MediaWiki:Edittools.js' but uploading (and correcting the script) had no effect.

Then I noticed this:
loadCommonsEdittoos - twice
No "l" there: loadCommonsEdittools 
But no effect here either (nor in combination of above). Nor using it together with the button links in the script.

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