[Mediawiki-l] multi-page table of contents?

Reid Priedhorsky reid at umn.edu
Tue Jun 3 19:41:39 UTC 2008


I am creating a page that links to a dozen or so other pages; each of 
these other pages more or less corresponds to a "chapter" of our 

I would like this landing page to have a complete table of contents, 
including all the sub-headings of the subsidiary pages. Is this possible?

For example, this seems easy (each line is a page link):

   * Installing
   * Developer's Guide

But what I want is this (the subsections are linked to subheadings):

   * Installing
     * Installation Instructions
     * Software Prerequisites
       * Pyserver
       * Flashclient
     * Compiling
   * Developer’s Guide
     * New Developer How-To
     * Using Subversion
       * Branching model
       * Checkout
       * How to commit
     * Postgres notes
       * Dumping and loading the database
       * Misc
     * Troubleshooting

Is this possible (other than manually)? If so, how do I do it?

Many thanks,


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