[Mediawiki-l] multiple wikis running on one set of source problem

Alex Le Bek alex at alexlebek.com
Tue Jun 3 05:22:26 UTC 2008


I have several wikis running from one set of source using method 1 at

all works as expected except when I come to use uploaded images.
Although I have set up a different upload directory for each instance which
causes uploads to go correctly in /images/wiki1 ... /images/wiki2 etc

when I come to use the images [[Image:wiki1image.jpg]] the wiki refers to
only the /images directory as though it has lost the upload directory.
Have I missed something out?

Also is there a way to prevent new instances of mediawiki picking up the
login of an already loaded wiki? This happens anyway but it becomes
problematic when I want users to stay logged  in to completely
separate wikis whilst still having the opportunity to browse the wiki group
on the same machine.



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