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Jim R. Wilson wilson.jim.r at gmail.com
Sun Jun 1 22:19:23 UTC 2008

Hi Nicolas,

The reason you're not getting much response for your query is probably
because there are only a handful of people who have ever needed or set
up such a system.  In your case, I'd recommend going with a different
hosting provider who allows database sizes larger than 45mb.  As your
site continues to grow, other tables in your database (such as the
revision and archive tables) will grow to exceed your storage limit
and you'll have to make the move anyway.

That said, in your case, each of your "clusters" will probably be just
one database rather than a master/slave replication setup, and the
schema for those databases will not be a full MediaWiki install.  In
fact, you'll only need one table which stores key/value pairs.  This
is what will house externalized revision text blobs.  I believe the
schema for those databases is in an SQL file in the maintenance
directory for MediaWiki.

With respect to configuration inside LocalSettings.php, I'd recommend
reading about how the WMF uses external text storage in Domas' paper
on wikipedia site internals: http://dammit.lt/uc/workbook2007.pdf
(page 22)

Good luck!

-- Jim R. Wilson (jimbojw)

On Sun, Jun 1, 2008 at 11:09 AM, Nicolas Forget <nforget at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm still looking for an answer. I found $wgDefaultExternalStore  who permit
> to store data to external store. As i saw in the comments , it has to be
> like this :
> $wgDefaultExternalStore = array( 'DB://cluster1', 'DB://cluster2' );
> Clusters are configured in  $wgExternalServers who is an array of cluster :
> $wgExternalServers = array( 'cluster1' => array( 'srv28', 'srv29', 'srv30' ) );
> So if i found how to set correctly srv28 of the example to point mysql db,
> the problem would be solved. As anyone an idea?
> Regards,
> Nicolas
> 2008/5/31 Nicolas Forget <nforget at gmail.com>:
>> Hello,
>> My wiki (wikignole.be) has a limited db (max 45 MB). At the moment, the db
>> is almost full (44mo). So i have to reduce it. I tried to compress the old
>> revisions but i didn't earn a lot of storage. The best solution would be to
>> split the db on two or three different databases. I found this page
>> http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:$wgDefaultExternalStore who seem to
>> be a solution (the number of bases is not a problem).
>> I tried to do it (i edited DefaultSettings.php ) but don't succeed to fin
>> the good configuration (i tried login:pass at adress but it failed).
>> Could someone help me?
>> Regards,
>> Nicolas
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