[Mediawiki-l] Development space for programmers creating MediaWiki extensions?

DanTMan dan_the_man at telus.net
Wed Jan 30 17:36:14 UTC 2008

I was wondering if there was any actual space for programmers who are 
creating MediaWiki extensions.

I've been working on MediaWiki extensions for awhile. Unfortunately, I 
don't get to complete many, or show them off at all because I never 
really have the resources.
Basically for a variety of reasons; I have no webspace to show off the 
working of extensions, I migrate between two family computers, and the 
local servers there are configured in two different ways, and it's tough 
to sync a database, so I can't really keep the stuff with me and work on 
them when I have the time.
As a result, between the two computers I have a variety of extensions 
which are half complete, and are either waiting for me to get back to 
them, or for someone to get interested enough in them for me to actually 
((A short list would be:
WikiVid [http://mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:WikiVid]
TransWiki [Allows for cross-wiki transclusions on wiki hosted together, 
better than Scary Transclusions does] (TransArticle got canceled, trying 
to do it in an article way didn't work out right
RemoteMagic [Similar magic words to ones like {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} which 
grab data from a remote wiki]
AJAXRC [External tool for doing lightweight live RC on multiple wiki, 
99.9% client based]
SpamDelete [Deletes individual revisions and moves them to a specified 
"Trash" title to avoid cluttering up the deleted history of an article 
with revisions which cause issues when a page needs to be partially 
deleted at a later date.]
AggregatedAttributionTransposer [Similar to Extension:ChangeAuthor, 
except it's meant to use the JobQue to reattribute a large number of 
edits (ie: Every revision made by a single user), without causing a lot 
of server load by doing the entire thing at once.]))

^_^ but off my semi-programmed extensions list...
I haven't been able to get a good place to work on any of them.
Me and JaeSharp used to have a site (Wiki-Tools.com as listed in my 
sig), which is now unfortunately offline and probably won't come back.
Local servers aren't working that well for me, and it's going to be ages 
before I get a Laptop.
I have been doing some Wikia oriented things... Unfortunately, no-one is 
getting around to making the Wikia Volunteer Development server to work 
at all.

So, my long e-mail cut short with the short version...
Anyone know of a good way for me to find a place to develop MediaWiki 
extensions, test them, distribute them, and allow users to make use of them.
I looked at the Wikimedia toolservers, but it looks like there was some 
notion of just Tools, not MediaWiki Extensions being done on there.

~Daniel Friesen(Dantman) of:
-The Gaiapedia (http://gaia.wikia.com)
-Wikia ACG on Wikia.com (http://wikia.com/wiki/Wikia_ACG)
-and Wiki-Tools.com (http://wiki-tools.com)

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