[Mediawiki-l] How to get support for your office wiki

David Gerard dgerard at gmail.com
Wed Jan 30 14:32:21 UTC 2008

On 30/01/2008, Kenneth Porter <shiva at sewingwitch.com> wrote:

> Now I've got a little MediaWiki experience with public sites and I need to
> investigate whether/how it can be set up to provide limited access to only
> those inside the company (but possibly from their home office, without
> requiring a VPN).

You can easily set up MediaWiki so that anonymous users can only see
the front page and nothing else, and then control logins. Lots of
Wikimedia private wikis are set up that way (e.g.
http://internal.wikimedia.org/). Note that anyone can see what's
listed in the sidebar, even if they can't load the pages.

I know one MediaWiki that has a .htaccess that you have to get through
to even load the front page. Not sure how to hook that to their wiki

- d.

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