[Mediawiki-l] SelectCategoryTagCloud Extension Improvements

Dave Clements clements at nescent.org
Wed Jan 30 00:27:54 UTC 2008


I recently installed the SelectCategoryTagCloud extension:


It's a great extension that makes it easier for users to add category tags
to pages when they edit them.

One way it does this is through AJAX auto-completion.  As you type in the
category name it shows you a list of possible completions that start with
what you have typed.  It has two issues for me though:

1) It doesn't work very well with Firefox.  (It works fine with IE and
2) The auto-completion is awkward.  You can't use the keyboard to select any
of them.  You move the mouse to the completion you want and then click it.
It would be nice to use the keyboard to pick the completion you want.

I would enhance this but I am not an AJAX or even a Javascript person.  I
did get an improvement in Firefox (see the extension's talk page).

Is there anyone out there who is AJAX savvy who would be interested in
extending this extension?

Thanks in advance,

Dave C.

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