[Mediawiki-l] [Bulk] Problems with search

friederb fb64de at yahoo.de
Mon Jan 28 13:40:05 UTC 2008

hallo guenter,

I had the same strange experience, searching for <ccc> noooothing came 
up???! ...

without knowing any details about the mediawiki-code I found out, that 
anything shorter than 4 letters isn´t found by the search-engine. it 
should be possible to change that somewhere in the php-search-script of 
the mediawiki-software.

does anybody know how to change that?

greetings, frieder

Günter Gratzer wrote:
> hello,
> if I use search function in our mediawiki I often didn't get a result.
> e.g. if I search for "vpn" I don't get a result. If I enter "vpn-verbindung" the page is found. If I enter "verbindung" the page will be found as well.
> Anyone can explain me why it doesn't work?
> We use
> *	MediaWiki <http://www.mediawiki.org/> : 1.11.0 
> *	PHP <http://www.php.net/> : 5.2.1 
> *	MySQL <http://www.mysql.com/> : 5.0.37
> thanks!
> Günter
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