[Mediawiki-l] Wiki Creole grammar, schema, transformations made available

Dirk Riehle dirk at riehle.org
Sun Jan 20 19:25:16 UTC 2008

For those who were interested in a Mediawiki grammar etc, here is a 
first step:


For research purposes as well as the Wiki Creole community's
convenience, we are making our EBNF grammar, the XML schema definition,
and the to/from XML transformations available. You can use these
specifications to create your own parsers as well as use standard
technology (DOM, XSLT) to work with wiki pages and display or save them.

For more, see the dedicated Wiki Creole page at
http://www.riehle.org/wiki-creole as well as the WikiCreole community at


Phone: + 1 (650) 215 3459
Web: http://www.riehle.org

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