[Mediawiki-l] Never delete users !

Michael Schmarck michael.schmarck at habmalnefrage.de
Fri Jan 18 13:42:26 UTC 2008


Rob Church <robchur at ...> writes:

> The advice in the subject line is correct. Users should never be
> deleted from the table for another reason; you leave a lot of messy
> references to them lurking about which really does confuse the hell
> out of the software.
> MediaWiki does not support the deletion of users, and likely never will.
> Rob Church

I know, this thread is "somewhat" old (it's from October 2005), but

Does it still hold true what Rob wrote there? That MediaWiki does 
not support the deletion of users? Is that still the case in 1.11.0?
Or does someone know of an extension which will allow to easily
remove user accounts?

Thanks a lot,

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