[Mediawiki-l] Images suddenly directing to wrong folder

Thomas Dalton thomas.dalton at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 11:33:22 UTC 2008

On 17/01/2008, Craig White <craig at galbijim.com> wrote:
> In the past day, I've noticed that all of my images on my wiki are now being
> redirected to the wrong folder.
> Normally, images would link to /images, but now they go to wiki/images/c/c4/

There is an setting to split images up into different folders,
$wgHashedUploadDirectory. I think some systems have difficulties with
large folders - it takes a long time to find a file in them, or
something like that. Presumably, you've inadvertently turned that
setting on - have you edited LocalSettings.php recently? If you just
set that setting back to false, and move any images uploaded since the
change back to the correct folder, it should all start working again.
If you want to use different folders, you'll need to move all existing
images to the appropriate folder - a lot of work if you have more than
a handful of images. The setting isn't designed to be changed on an
existing site - you need to make a choice and stick with it.

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