[Mediawiki-l] sequence to add a new user in mediawiki

sharmishtha gupta sharmishtha.gupta at gmail.com
Mon Jan 14 11:12:43 UTC 2008


We want to disable Signup for new users in mediawiki and want to add them
into database manually. for this we want to understand the sequence of
function used to store a new user into mediawiki database. we looked this:-

function wfEncryptPassword( $userid, $password ) {
 global $wgPasswordSalt;
 $p = md5( $password);

  return md5( "{$userid}-{$p}" );
  return $p;

But need to know that where $wgPasswordSalt set its value and finally where
this function called to get encryted password.

Can you suggest sequence of storing a new user in mediawiki as this will be
of great help.

Thank you

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