[Mediawiki-l] Changing logo to no logo at all

DanTMan dan_the_man at telus.net
Sat Jan 5 00:57:56 UTC 2008

Just edit skins/Monobook.php and delete the #p-logo div from the php 
skin, and do the same for other skins if you want.
As for those for visually disabled persons... The site would probably be 
better with a custom skin designed for ease of use with their computer.
$wgLogo isn't used anywhere other than defining the logo for the 
skins... And there are actually some skins which use a different logo 
than what's defined by that. Custom though... eg: Wikia's Quartz skins 
use a "Wiki_wide.png" which is actually 266x75px to give more horizontal 
room and avoid taking up to much vertical space pushing content down the 
((It might be an idea to create a new variable $wgLogos which is an 
array with a '###x###' key with the logo size it's made for... So 
Monobookesque skins will just use '155x155' and skins using other sizes 
can grab a logo of a different size to avoid stretches in any skin)).

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jidanni at jidanni.org wrote:
> Challenge: attempt to use no logo ("my site just doesn't want a logo",
> or "my site is for visually disabled persons who couldn't see a logo
> anyway".)
> You'll see there's no way just to put a piece of text there or
> whatever. Whatever you do you must at least issue a HTTP request each
> view. 404 Not found or not, still a waste.
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