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Tue May 22 15:11:29 UTC 2007

* In category since (lists "old" pages in a certain category)
* Catmembers (lists members of category + subcats)
* categorycount (number of items in a category!!!)
* Catgraph (draws a graph of category structure)
* CatCroiseur (category intersection)
* CatLadder (produces something like breadcrumbs)
* MediaSearch (category based search focused on images)
* Neue Seiten nach Kategorie (new pages of a category + subcats)
* CoCat (another kind of category intersection tool)
* Category Tree (shows tree structure of categories - now native MW)
* CatScan (category intersection)

These are just the ones that relate to categories. Mostly they fulfill
functionality that should be present in MW natively. If you use a wiki
with a detailed category structure, some of these tools are definitely
going to be useful. Aren't they just like another type of "extension"?
I mean they are open source.

Perhaps these tools should in fact be marketed on


They've just been waiting in a mountain for the right moment:

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