[Mediawiki-l] Format search results

Paul Coghlan pcoghlan at usa.net
Wed May 30 19:29:01 UTC 2007

I notice that search results being brought back include text within
infoboxes and other wiki markup that the user would not normally see within
the page.

Is there way to prevent this from being displayed in search results?

For example, a search for Florida brings back...

   1. Classification, OED Office - Florida (1,230 bytes)
      1: {{Test Info Box|name= Office Class - Florida Info Box
      4: | CGTCoord=[[:Category:OED Coord, Florida| Tallahassee]]
      5: | state=[[:Category:PTO Offices - Florida, United States|Florida]]
      35: [[Florida State, XXXXX Xxxxxxx|Florida XXXXXX]] -
      48: ...Florida IP Code - ]] [[Category: Florida-Code_IP]]

None of the code in the example above is something that a user would see,
other than the title on line 1.

Now, the fact that it matched on the page is fine but I would rather not
have the user have to wade through the 75 results seeing 5 meaningless lines
per listing.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is configuration.


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