[Mediawiki-l] Forcing A Line Break

Sullivan, James (NIH/CIT) [C] sullivan at mail.nih.gov
Wed May 30 18:31:54 UTC 2007

I use the html line break "<br>".
Works for me.  Just put one at the end of each line you'd like to break.

For example, if you want the following to appear on your page:

line one
line two 

it will appear as follows if you type it that way:
line oneline two


line one<br>
line two

will appear as:

line one
line two

Also note that an empty line (no spaces even) is interpreted as a line
break.  So the following:

line one

line two

will appear as typed.  One can only hope for a wysiwyg editor.


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Is there a way to force a line break on a page?  The enter key 'ain't
happenin' :-)

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