[Mediawiki-l] hiding and sharing articles/namespaces to the public

Jim Wilson wilson.jim.r at gmail.com
Tue May 29 20:29:27 UTC 2007

The safest (easiest?) way I can think of is to have a separate wiki that is
decidedly public.  Meaning publicly viewable (you can of course lock down
editorship however you want).

Locking down read access to certain pages is a tough problem not solvable
with a vanilla install alone - it takes extensions to do it.  There may be
extensions out there that can help you, but I'm not sure.

-- Jim R. Wilson (jimbojw)

On 5/29/07, revansx at cox.net <revansx at cox.net> wrote:
> Dear mediawiki admin experts,
> I have a configuration goal for my installation of mediawiki that might
> technically only be a web-server related modification, but I am convinced
> that the solution (if it is even possible) will requires the advanced
> insights of this group of experts. Here's the situation: I have set-up a
> mediawiki (1.6.10) on a dedicated company server (Red Hat, Apache 2.0.52)
> which uniformly (www and intranet) limits browser accessibility to users who
> have a company username and password which they are required to provide to
> the browser in order to view the wiki articles. wiki user-accounts for
> authoring are handled by the LDAP module. This part all works great. --- The
> problem is --- that I am now being asked if it is possible to make certain
> pages "publicly" accessible and not protected behind a secure browser
> authentication against the company's domain (after we've gone to such
> excellent lengths to protect all of the content!!!) I am being asked if
> specific articles and/or all of the articles in certain namespace can be
> made to be an exception to our global restrictions on who can "see" the
> articles. A specific example is the "Main Page" and any of the User's pages.
> So, does anyone know how to configure a mediawiki such that "some" pages
> require secure browser authentication even just to see them? If so, the
> ideal solution would behave such that new pages are created inaccessible
> from the public by default. --- sincerest thanks all. - Rich (revansx)
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