[Mediawiki-l] Email and MediaWiki

Mike Lane mikelane5 at msn.com
Sat May 26 21:18:12 UTC 2007

I would just like to clarify that i need an external email server to be able to use the email functionality of MediaWiki. The reason that I ask is that I am sure that I have read somewhere that MediaWiki (once up a time) had email functionality built in?
Anyway I am in the process of transferring my Wiki from WAMP on Windows to Ubuntu Server. On Ubuntu I am up to the point where I can open up a browser and point it to my "server" and get to the setup page of the Wiki.
Assuming that I need to install some kind of SMTP server on Ubuntu I would like to know what you guys recommend? I do not need anything that fancy, just something that will send out emails to Wiki users - when a new page is created / updated, account created / password changed, for example.
If anyone has any recommendations in terms of overhead / performance / security etc I would be most grateful. My Wiki is used at work for 10 - 15 users.
Many thanks
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