[Mediawiki-l] Is MediaWiki-l dysfunctional? What is it good for, really? and Re: Any leads on a basic wiki setup-and-configure instruction manual?

Platonides Platonides at gmail.com
Fri May 25 22:39:25 UTC 2007

I'm sure this list is full of people willing to install MediaWiki on a 
foregin machine, and document every screenshot... for the right price ;)

Gary Kirk wrote:
> There are some hosting businesses who offer MediaWiki either
> auto-install Fantastico-style or similar - I think Dreamhost does
> something like that but I've read about people having MediaWiki
> problems on Dreamhost, so I don't know.
> I can host MediaWiki wikis if people will pay me... ;-)
> On 25/05/07, G. Carter wrote:
>> Although this does'nt help Peter in the short term  I actually see a
>> business opportunity here.  Novell has an (almost) painless Linux, PHP,
>> Apache, and MySQL install (for a price).  Ditto Redhat and others.  Why not
>> start a company offering a painless MediaWiki install?  I was able to
>> install mine just fine but did wrestle a little.  Some companies may been
>> willing to shell out the bucks for a pain free install.  Anyone game for a
>> business venture?

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