[Mediawiki-l] Looking for extension 'Edit Notification'

Dave Sigafoos davesigafoos at sanmar.com
Fri May 25 18:13:19 UTC 2007

Bravo .. that will work .. of course I will have to go through and clean
up every once in a while <G>  Users <G>

Thanks .. have a great weekend

David Tod Sigafoos | SANMAR Corporation
davesigafoos at sanmar.com 


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On 25/05/07, Monahon, Peter B. <Peter.Monahon at uspto.gov> wrote:

> > Dave wrote: I am looking (have searched
> > but not found) for an extension that would
> > 'NOTIFY' the users that a page is currently
> > being edited if they try to go into edit mode.

> How about a plan B - make a template that says
> "editing as of (date) by (name), please wait for this message to
> disappear before adding your own edits"
> and put it in the page top, then edit off line, hope for the best, and
> hope someone else isn't also editing off line at the same time.

On English Wikipedia, this is {{inuse}} - used when one is doing a
long and complicated edit. I haven't actually seen it used in a while,
and hardly ever on a moderate- or high-traffic page where you might
expect it. Mind you, almost all the edit conflicts I can remember of
late have been on talk pages.

- d.

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