[Mediawiki-l] "Recent Changes" RSS Feed from a Protected Wiki

Norbert Hoeller nhoeller at sinet.ca
Thu May 24 15:00:59 UTC 2007

Jim, I have successfully used the integrated RSS capabilities of IE7 and 
Firefox in the way that you suggest.  IE7 RSS support is pretty good 'out 
of the box'.  I will check out NewsFox for the Firefox crowd.
        Thanks, Norbert


> I can't speak for RSSBandit, but SharpReader and NewsFox use browsers as
> their session maintenance and rendering engines (IE and Firefox
> respectively).  In SharpReader's case, if you are somehow able to visit 
> wiki in the embedded browser and log in, you should be able to then pick 
> the feed.  It's easier to do with NewsFox (just open the wiki login 
> in a new tab), but the same principle applies.

> Hope this helps.

> -- Jim

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