[Mediawiki-l] Usage of Templates

Azurite azurite at seventh-star.net
Wed May 23 22:15:39 UTC 2007

I have a small handful of templates I'm running on my Wiki, which is 
running 1.6.10.
I noticed on Wikipedia that there's a handy portion of the templates 
that says how the template in question is supposed to be used, which 
would be extremely helpful to me, as my Wiki tends to draw many people 
that are new to Wiki and Wiki markup. I think a "how to use" section 
would help save me from having to protect EVERY SINGLE TEMPLATE to avoid 
them getting vandalized or accidentally edited.

But the question is, how do I add this "Usage" section? I don't want it 
to appear as part of the template. I looked at the Wikipedia example, 
and it said {{{{FULLPAGENAME}}/doc}}, which I thought was a template, 
but when I looked for a template under that name (or just "fullpagename" 
both caps and not), I didn't find anything. I also searched for anything 
relating to 'template usage' and similar, but I came up with nothing.
Can anyone help?
Thanks in advance!

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