[Mediawiki-l] More detailed statistics available?

Klara Litschel Klara.Litschel at web.de
Mon May 21 06:10:17 UTC 2007

Dear Mediawiki Experts,
I was wondering if somebody already extracts more detailed statistics out of the mediawiki DB. I have seen the hits/page in Special:Popularpages and the Special:Statistics. 
What I would need is more like in the Popularpages, but refined with a time component. Like instead of having Main Page (x views) we would get Main Page (x views/month ), and when you click on month you can select <last month> or <a specific month and year>.
Same would be interesting from the users perspective, aka to know <who> accessed <this page> during <this specific period of time> (month or multiple of month).
Any ideas/hints/suggestions would be appreciated.
Best regards,
Klara Litschel

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