[Mediawiki-l] Cpanel Add on Domains and Media Wiki

mediawiki at wpascanner.com mediawiki at wpascanner.com
Sun May 20 13:26:54 UTC 2007

I am having problems with the setup of a MediaWiki site

Host: hostgator

I have a main domain and then another domain thats being used as an add on
domain since HG allows unlimited domains on one plan.

Installing the wiki to the host all is fine, TILL I try to use the domain for
the site.

http://www.addon.invalid  (.htaccess redirects to /wiki sub dir)


Are FINE for the MAIN PAGE and Special Pages, but any thing else on the wiki
gets urls like:


Which just FUBAR's things up royally, taking out the extra /addon/ in the URL's
things come up fine. And the problem is present with or with out the .htaccess


Works for all pages, but has no "skin" to it.

A post on some MW sites mentioned $WScriptPath, but that is 
set to what the post indicated corrected the problem wiki/

Possibly Mod Rewrites to resolve this? ? ? 

Any one else deal with this issue as I think its Apache & CPanel causing this
problem of adding in the /addon/ to the links past the main page and special

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