[Mediawiki-l] Special:Version not working anymore

Georgi Hristozov georgi at forkbomb.nl
Wed May 16 12:47:25 UTC 2007

I'm using MediaWiki 1.9.3 and experiencing a strange problem. The 
previous administrator of the wiki has "disabled" the Special:Version 
page. It is blank now. I searched through the contributions of the 
administrator for edits in the special name spaces, but found only a few 
localization changes, which are not related with Special:Version. I 
tried searching for unusual directives in LocalSettings.php, but it 
seems clean. A few minutes ago I upgraded to 1.9.3 (from 1.9.2, 
replacing all the files expecting the conifg, the images and the 
extensions) and ran the maintenance scripts, but the problem still 
remains. Any ideas how can I fix this?
Thanks in advance!

Georgi Hristozov
georgi at forkbomb.nl

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