[Mediawiki-l] Fatal errors in RecentChange.php

Curulan Angelicos curulan at clantitan.org
Wed May 16 00:28:52 UTC 2007

I just updated to 1.10.x from 1.9.x, and I am getting the following errors:

Fatal error: Class 'EmailNotification' not found in
/.../wiki/includes/RecentChange.php on line 199

Fatal error: Call to a member function notifyOnPageChange() on a
non-object in /.../wiki/includes/RecentChange.php on line 201

The lines are as follows:

199: $enotif = new EmailNotification();

201: $enotif->notifyOnPageChange( $title,
$this->mAttribs['rc_timestamp'], $this->mAttribs['rc_comment'],
$this->mAttribs['rc_minor'], $this->mAttribs['rc_last_oldid'] );

By commenting out the code, I can avoid the errors (and it doesn't seem
to break anything else), but what could be the source of the errors?
Curulan Angelicos
Leader, Clan Titan
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