[Mediawiki-l] Enable Wildcard Search

a. cremer albert.cremer at online.de
Sat May 12 15:25:59 UTC 2007


I like to enable wildcard search and try to utilize the wildcard search 

#Copyright (C) 2006 Assela Pathirana under the version 2 of the GNU General 
Public License
#Adds wildcard search functionality to mediawiki
# file : SearchMySQLwildcards.php
require_once( 'SearchEngine.php' );require_once( 
'SearchMySQL.php' );require_once( 'SearchMySQL4.php' );//Register this 
search type and override the default search set in 
DefaultSettins.php$wgSearchType   = SearchMySQLwildcards;//Create a new 
search class based on the parentclass SearchMySQLwildcards extends 
SearchMySQL4 {        function legalSearchChars()   { 
//include + and * as valid characters                return 
"A-Za-z_'0-9\\x80-\\xFF\\-+*";        }}$strictMatching=false;?>having 
require_once("extensions/WCS/SearchMySQLwildcards.php"); in the 
localsettings.phpUnfortunately it will not work. Instead of the required 
search results there is only a blank page.Does anyone have a comment on 
this?Kind regardsAlbert Cremer 

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