[Mediawiki-l] Couple of Mediawiki questions

johan.boye at latecoere.fr johan.boye at latecoere.fr
Thu May 3 09:23:59 UTC 2007

Hello guys,

  I am trying to introduce more and more Mediawiki in my company. After
gave the access to a couple of users, I had some feedback. I answered to
a couple of them and here is the one I can't ;) :

 # The search doesn't work on partial (incomplete) word.
     Got an article with the word "foobar", then I have a result when I
type "foobar" but nothing when I type "foob".
     I have some exception, when I type "est"; it founds some pages with
the word "test"...
     Is there a way to fix it?

 # Search on 3 character word: Solved ;) I found help on the FAQ

 # Links (usually nasty file:// links) does not work with URL containing
     I activated the file link support because some users like it a lot
     [file://mynas/cifs-share/project_A/foobar.doc   Access to file1]
works fine (mainly with IE :-/)
     [file://mynas/cifs-share/project B/foo bar.doc   Access to file2]
doesn't work
     Is there a way to fix it?

 # Is there a plug-in to scan documents like .PDF or .DOC on the fly
during the upload to index them in the search engine?

 # I would like to put some sensitive documents in the department wiki.
The information are not so secret, the content is just the *brain* of
our service. It contents everything to restart from scratch if
everything crash.
 Is there a way to make a full backup of the website to make in
available offline or export all pages to HTML in a save place on an
automatic way? 
 We already backup the database every day, same thing for the web
server. Nevertheless, in comparison to the regular documentation stored
on a filer with information duplicated on several place several time a
day, it is less *secure*.  I was thinking to run a nasty WGET recursive
to make a local mirror. Is there something else better?

Thanks by advance for all your answers,

   Best regards,


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