[Mediawiki-l] dumphtml.php integrate to wiki

Oliver Schalch schalch at gmail.com
Wed May 2 11:53:32 UTC 2007


I try to integrate a link/button to call to the maintenance/dumphtml.php on
the mainpage of my wiki, so that my user can create a dump to their homedir
of the current wiki.

I'm not sure it is so easy as I think...

The link should call just the dumphtml.php -d

1) Will i have problem with windows path?
2) what is the correct VAR for the username of the logged in user?
3) do I have chance to do some fileoperation: delete \dumpwiki\ create
4) Should I create a own php file for all my points or integrate it to an
existing page? Which would be the best way?

Best way probably is to write a function and the new Button on the mainpage
just calls the function.


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