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Sun Jan 7 16:43:09 UTC 2007

How to search Look up search, searching in Wiktionary, the free
dictionary. For searching in Wikipedia, see Wikipedia:Searching.=20
Searching is to thoroughly examine in order to find something concealed.
Web searching benefits from specific techniques, which are detailed in
the search engine article (see also: list of search engines).  An online
search engine is any device that allows the user to quickly search and
view multiple online articles/websites.
Searching can also refer to the following:
Computers and computer science
Search algorithm=20
Boolean search=20
Tree search=20
Search engine=20
Social Search=20
Web directory=20
Rescue related
Air-sea rescue=20
Missing people=20
Search and rescue dog=20
Military and police related
Search and seizure=20
Detection dog=20
Strip search=20
Search warrant=20
The Search (1948 film)=20
The Search (DS9 episode)=20
Search (TV series)=20
Job search=20
Search for Common Ground=20
Novelty search (in patent law)=20
Visual search, a type of perceptual task=20

Hmm ... nothing there about "namespace".  Maybe there's another trick.
Let's go back to the first tip and wander around there ... oh, there's a
"Wikipedia:Searching" link, let's try that:


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