[Mediawiki-l] special characters in custom namespaces

Nino Novak nino at kflog.org
Mon Jan 29 19:17:55 UTC 2007


in spanish the term "discussion" is translated "discusión" (with 

Now how to set up a custom namespace called "ES_Discusión" in an 
international (utf-8) wiki? If following the description from 
Help:Custom namespaces (from meta) and coding it as html "ó" it 
is displayed as is - and if coding it in iso-8859, it is displayed with 
the small black questionmark rhomb - which is normal behavior in utf-8. 

The meta instruction says "Do not save LocalSettings.php as Unicode, 
because PHP cannot handle it" - so is there any possibility to get 
things done?

(for php reasons we still use mediawiki 1.6.8 /php 4.3.3)


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