[Mediawiki-l] dynamic CSS for wiki pages?

Frederik Dohr fdg001 at gmx.net
Mon Jan 29 17:26:05 UTC 2007

> The parser's current treatment of things means that something like
> <language code="en">
> Some text in English.
> </language>
> <language code="fr">
> Un peu de texte en Français.*
> </language>
> <multilang />
> will *work*, but the whitespace the <language> tags leave behind isn't
> collapsed down so there's a lot of it at the top of the page or
> wherever.

I've tried the extension today - unfortunately, it doesn't work for me:
After downloading bot MUTLILANG.PHP and MULTILANG.CLASS.PHO from
Subversion and adding
to LOCALSETTINGS.PHP, I've created the following section in my sandbox page:
    == Multilang ==
    regular text
    <language code="en">
    Some text in English.
    <language code="de">
    Ein wenig Text auf deutsch.
    <language code="fr">
    Un peu de texte en Français.
    regular text
However, all I get is blank lines in between the "regular text" parts
(i.e. not even the "<multilang/>" part works.
I haven't updated from v1.8.x yet, but I don't think this extension is
1.9.x-specific... !?
It's probably some kinda syntax error, but that's hard to check due to
the missing documentation.

I'd appreciate some input!

-- F.

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