[Mediawiki-l] openshowcategory bug?

Sandy Rozhon srozhon at oh.rr.com
Sun Jan 28 20:20:17 UTC 2007

On 28 Jan 2007 at 19:15, Rob Church wrote:

> On 28/01/07, Sandy Rozhon <srozhon at oh.rr.com> wrote:
> > Everytime I try to use/edit categories on my WIKI pages, I get a
> > fatal error to undefined function openshowcategory.
> Can you copy and paste the exact text of the error message?

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: openshowcategory() in 
/home/sandy/htdocs/barbarowa/trees/wiki/includes/EditPage.php on line 

I've added some extra toolbar items, so the line number doesn't 
reflect what would be in the released version.  The new Toolbar items 
are working, so I've assumed the code hasn't been broken.

This is what my current line #1126 contains that this error points 

	"','" . wfEscapeJsString( wfMsg( "infobox_alert" ) ) . "');\n";

> > Is this a known bug in v1.6.4?
> It might be advisable to upgrade to 1.6.9 at the least; it contains
> various security and other bug fixes.

Sorry, I misspoke -- I am running 1.6.9


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