[Mediawiki-l] MediaWiki 2.0 Development

Ashar Voultoiz hashar at altern.org
Fri Jan 26 18:21:22 UTC 2007

Virgil Ierubino wrote:
> If a user (like myself) happened to take it upon himself to begin work on
> coding brand new wiki software based on MediaWiki, and released it under a
> free license, and made it fairly easy to upgrade to on a server running a
> MediaWiki database (i.e. just change all the PHP files), and it was (assume
> this) in fact much better than MediaWiki 1.10a, would the Wikimedia
> Foundation adopt it for its projects?
> Just a question. Because MediaWiki 2.0 would be pretty sexy, but no one
> seems to be proactive about it. And I'd like to be.

What is your plan exactly ? How many people are working on your idea ? 
Do you have any code ?

Remember MediaWiki is a 6 years old software maintained by more than 10 
people. It supports database load balancing, memory cache, parser cache, 
hooks for plugins, a skin system, utf8 and HTML sanitizer, ton of 
languages for i18n ...

I am not sure someone can write something like that in a couple of 
months. Still you can try doing it :)

Meantime, maybe you can expose what can be made better in MediaWiki 1.10 
and we can start coding it as a group :p

Please follow up on mediawiki-l :)


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