[Mediawiki-l] Transcluded "Languages/Lang"-page not shown

Rolf Lampa rolf.lampa at rilnet.com
Wed Jan 24 22:32:05 UTC 2007

On a "main page" I have text-strips in three languages, like:

1. Swedish, bla bla bla...
2. English, bla bla bla...
3. Finnish, bla bla bla...

Below these texts I have a *transcluded* comment section, like so:


The  "comment" pages in turn has translations, using the {{Languages}} 
template concept, like so:


The Comment pages has the {{Language}} template, an thusly when I edit 
the discrete Comment pages I can see any translations (languages) in the 
language bar on the Comment page(s).

Now, when displaying the .../Comment through Main page (which embeds the 
main comment page) the translated Language names doesn't "bleed through" 
displaying that the transcluded comment has other translations in it's 
language bar (when it actually has such). Seemingly the Language 
template doesn't work for transcluded pages.

Has anyone else experienced this problem, and found a solution to it?


// Rolf Lampa

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