[Mediawiki-l] The Ideal Wiki Software

Rolf Lampa rolf.lampa at rilnet.com
Tue Jan 23 16:42:56 UTC 2007

Raquel wrote:
> On Tue, 23 Jan 2007 05:35:32 +0000
> "Virgil Ierubino" <virgil.ierubino at gmail.com> wrote:
>> In an ideal world, what features would the ideal Wiki Software
>> have, and what would it be like?
>> If we can answer this question, developmental direction is made
>> clear. 
>> <snip> 
>> What functions would set MediaWiki well above all other wiki
>> engines for years to come?
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>> Look forward to some bright ideas :)
> I thought that MediaWiki was written specifically for the projects
> of the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation.  Period.  I didn't think
> that it was intended to compete with other wiki software.

The IdealWiki is the (quick) wiki which remains being the (quick) wiki 
it was when it was chosen for it's purpose in the first place. That is, 
let the wiki remain being what it is, a rather "flat" wiki, easy to use, 
easy to grasp (for most users), not too much functionality not directly 
related to the kind of content it is designed to contain.

What may well be improved is the USE(ability) of "what already is".

Mediawiki is a very interesting building block  (component) for 
integration in *other* more complex integrated environments. Again, 
Mediawiki is a component, not a "system" (of components).

The usefulness for Mediawiki as an integrated component in other systems 
demands that Mediawiki has a generic and STABLE API. If having a stable 
API the Mediawiki software will definitely deserve a notable position as 
a component in integrated enterprise information systems now and in the 
future. Simple.

In short: With a stable API written into the roadmap of Mediawiki it's 
future for corporate application looks bright. Remark: This would "hide" 
the mess (if any...) inside the application itself. Ahum.

(loooong) summary...  :-) :
Basic idea #1: Encapsulation. Mediawiki seen as a component demands some 
form of "encapsulation", meaning that a stable API acts as a "shield" 
hiding the internals from affecting the outside world . With an API 
Mediawiki can be used (as is) as a serious alternative in integrated 
corporate systems, no doubts

Basic idea #2: Since the *present* Mediawiki product / idea, as is,made 
it an interesting choise for many applications in the first place, 
therefore, let Mediwiki *remain* being what it is, namely one of the 
best alternatives suited for its present purpose ("the standard platform 
for Encylopedia-like content). And further, let it *continue* to be so, 
in that the development aims at supporting exactly that (= 
encyclopedias) also in the future. Nothing else.

Again, Mediawiki doesn't have what it takes to be a "system integrator*, 
don't even think about it. Instead it can become a "jevel in the crown" 
of other integrated systems ("crowns"). It not only can be so, it should!


// Rolf

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