[Mediawiki-l] IDE for mediawiki

a. cremer albert.cremer at online.de
Sun Jan 21 17:28:17 UTC 2007

Hi there,

the last two month I tried to understand the basics of mediawiki and learned 
a lot about Apache Servers, PHP installations and mediawiki extensions.

For someone coming from Windows with its nice features like the Visual Basic 
environment in the Office products I am now approaching the following 

As far as I understood mediawiki is written in PHP but I have no clue with 
which environment (IDE) it has been developed or which one can be used in 
order to do so.

Is there an easy way to use something like Eclipse to load mediawiki as a 
project and debug the code like it can be done e.g. in Visual Studio.

It would be nice if somebody could give me a hint where to have a look at 
the basics on how to develop applications based on PHP (especially for the 
mediawiki project)


Albert Cremer

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