[Mediawiki-l] Multiple sites from one server?

Ken McDonald ken at pixologic.com
Fri Jan 19 19:19:25 UTC 2007

I'd like to set up multiple (OK, two) wiki sites running on the same 
server. We can use the same version of the wiki software (one will be 
1.6.3 until I get around to upgrading it, the other will be 1.6.x where 
x is the latest 1.6 release), so don't need to worry about running 
different PHP/MySQL versions. Now the questions:

1) It looks like the best way is to set up another wiki directory with 
another copy of the wiki software etc. in it, and do whatever apache 
hoodoo is needed to direct requests to that wiki copy. That sound right? 
We'll probably simply use the ip number of the machine, rather than 
getting a new domain name, as the new wiki will be private. But I'll 
worry about that when the time comes.

2) It would seem that all I would need to worry about with MySQL is to 
make sure I set up the new wiki with a new database, but otherwise not 
need to fiddle with MySQL.  Is this correct?

3) Biggest thing is that I need to ensure the new wiki is private--it 
will contain very private stuff. (If I told you what, I'd have to kill 
you. I know, an old line, but it never ceases to be funny to 
double-digit IQs such as my own.) Opinions on this? Aside from the 
general machine setup (which I'm as sure I can be is reasonably secure), 
would it be best to use Mediawiki security features, or should I instead 
go into the Apache side of things? And are there any special things I 
need to look at to ensure that users of the public wiki cannot somehow 
access the private wiki? (I'm guessing not, since the wiki code and 
databases will be completely separate, but one wants to be sure...)

In advance, many thanks,

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