[Mediawiki-l] Approval / Validation

John Moorhouse john.moorhouse at 3jays.me.uk
Wed Jan 17 21:32:08 UTC 2007

Lane, Ryan wrote:
> It looks like the StableVersion extension was updated to work with
> MediaWiki 1.9 last november. I'm using an older version, which is why I
> didn't notice that. You may want to consider using revision 15862 of
> StableVersion.php for MediaWiki 1.6, as higher revisions seem to be
> geared towards MediaWiki 1.9.

Thanks I've tried this but with no luck, I'm basically getting two 
problems, (the first being those error messages),  the second is that 
system seems to be 'unreliable' in that the status message about the 
stability of the page is very intermittent is appearing and I can't find 
a consistent way to get it to show.

I uncommented the wfStableVersionCanChange() to see if this helped to 
get the message up all time but it didn't help.

Being very cheeky would it be possible for you, to have a look at the 
setting etc.

the site is currently visible at


If it is possible and your happy to look at it, I'll let you have ftp 
access details etc my work email is john dot moorhouse at powys dot gov 
dot uk



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