[Mediawiki-l] cannot change LocalSettings.php

Ken Avonts ken.avonts at telenet.be
Tue Jan 16 17:23:56 UTC 2007

Thanks for your reply.

There's no accidentally inserted whitespace whatsoever. That's what makes 
this all so weird... Maybe your suggestion about the BOM is a good clue. I'm 
using Windows Notepad to edit the php-files. I cannot find an option about 
this BOM. Should I use another text-editor instead?

Could it have something to do with FileZilla? Maybe FileZilla inserts 

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> Rob Church wrote:
>> On 15/01/07, Ken Avonts <ken.avonts op telenet.be> wrote:
>>> Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by 
>>> (output started at 
>>> /opt/www/avontsk/web/www.derepubliek.eu/vvp/wiki/LocalSettings.php:1) in 
>>> /opt/www/avontsk/web/www.derepubliek.eu/vvp/wiki/includes/WebResponse.php 
>>> on line 9
>> Check the top of the file for accidentally-inserted whitespace or
>> garbage characters.
> Note that some text editors like to insert an invisible character at the
> beginning of UTF-8 files (the "byte order mark" or BOM).
> The BOM character, unfortunately, breaks PHP files because it gets sent
> to output before any of the code is run. If this happens before HTTP
> headers are sent, it can cause the above error message and makes the
> headers fail; if XML is output (such as RSS feeds), it causes the output
> to be invalid XML, producing errors when the feed is loaded.
> So it's necessary to save the file as UTF-8 _without_ BOM, if you have
> the option available.
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