[Mediawiki-l] Multi-server distributed MediaWiki

Domas Mituzas midom.lists at gmail.com
Sat Jan 13 08:32:02 UTC 2007


Some of this has been implemented via ideas like mysql-cluster
> (mentioned earlier) but I gather that mediawiki itself would need to
> be modified to support that technology.

MySQL Cluster is designed to run in low-latency environment. Though local
gigabit ethernet provides quite good round trip time, specialized server
interconnects (like dolphin one) help even more. Geo-balancing on cluster is
pain (unless you have really good interconnect, sub-10ms). And you may want
to run one of late 5.1 snapshots.. ;-)

Load-balancing a webserver is already something that's fairly well known.

We do lots of database load balancing, with replication. It still has single
master for write requests, though.

> intelligently balance the load over to those mirrors which have
> bandwidth left.

Just run a caching proxy.. ;) It is probably possible to implement that as
PHP script too, though it would suck.

This is a complex issue.. and probably not worth the spare change
> which basic hosting would cost.  If the site is wildly popular.. then
> become self-supporting via memberships, ads, donations, etc..

Dedicated servers nowadays are at 50eur/month range. With unlimited traffic

-- Domas

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